How to boost your E-Commerce sales with 360 Videos

Crossing the divide from 2019 to 2020, it seemed that product video was emerging as the next 'big thing' for E-Commerce, and that 360 Product Video was about to come in to its own. Even Amazon start making the future available for it sellers.

The following article will teach you about:

  • 360 Product Video for E-Commerce

  • Using 360 Product Video to promote your product

  • The importance of 360 Product Video for E-Commerce stores

  • How 360 Product Videos will help you to sell more

360 Product Video for E-Commerce

Getting your product even seen online in today's market is a challenge. Getting it to stand out and be noticed even more so, and this is when 360 Product Video will help to increase your E-Commerce sales - fast.

In the latest report from the Competition and Marketing Authority (online platforms and digital advertising - 2019), the UK Government estimated that £14 billion was spend for digital advertising in the UK alone in that year, with around 80% of that spent on Google and Facebook. Of that, display advertising expenditure over £5 billion.

Using 360 Product Video to promote your product.

Once you have established your product and platform, getting noticed becomes the priority. 360 Product Video is not yet the baseline standard- but it is fast becoming that way. So the sooner you adapt and adopt, the better. According to a major Salsify report, E-Commerce customers want more and more visual content. They report that today's online customers expect to see at least eight images per product.

The importance of 360 Product Video for E-Commerce stores.

So why dose a 360 Product Video make such a big difference? Simply put - it addresses consumers' biggest concerns when shopping online today.

66% of shoppers who buy online say that 3D and segmented reality visuals (360 Videos) increase confidence in what they are buying.

A vast majority of the population are visually predicated; that is, their eyes and what they see are dominant factor in their thinking and decision making processes. 360 Product Video allows the customer to see the product close up , from every angle and give them the freedom to inspect it (almost) as if they are in store and holding it personally.

How 360 Product Videos will help you to sell more.

A recent study conducted by Internet Retailer Magazine demonstrated that 360 Product viewers increased sales conversion rates by 13%. In research conducted on behalf of WooCommerce, it was found that improving the product visual experience overall can increase sales by up to 40%.

360 Product Videos simply help you to sell more - faster!

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